For over 3 years Katrina Gurl, Certified relationship coach has provided effective, practical coaching to help couples succeed in having healthy, joyful, rewarding relationships. You, too, can have a great relationship.Through Kit Kat Coaching, Katrina  can help you get clear insights and give you new tools and strategies to make positive changes — even if you are now in a rough spot, or suffering from problems.Katrina offers a unique and powerful solutions-based approach in working with you.  Katrina helps you acquire the tools you need to get the results you want. Get coaching in person — or by phone.
“Our relationship has been brought up to a whole new level… so much more appreciation and happiness.” — Debra and Wallace 

What Relationship Coaching Offers

If you don’t have the relationship of your dreams, things can change — and you can do something about it. The only question is what to do. That’s where receiving some relationship coaching with Katrina can help you.

Kit Kat Coaching will offer you a more effective perspective and new positive and provides you with powerful strategies and tools for overcoming challenges.

It is a fact in today’s society that most of us enter adult relationships without having the right tools to succeed. This explains why our rate of divorce is high and most couples end up being dissatisfied in some way.

  Experienced Coaching Does Help

New Vision — Katrina provides an outside, objective set of eyes, experienced in seeing the underlying patterns in relationships and she can help you see what is at the root of your issues — and how to shift things to a positive direction.
New Tools and Strategies — In over 5 years of coaching, Katrina has found what works — and what doesn’t — to succeed. He provides you proven, effective tools and strategies to work through obstacles and have a great relationship that gets better with time.
New Results — Katrina’s approach is goal-directed. She coaches you to make practical improvements and get tangible results — where you make positive changes that will get you the increased joy and happiness you truly want to share with your partner.
The good news is that you can learn new tools for success. You can learn key strategies for creating and maintaining a great relationship, one that stays strong, even in the face of challenges.With the help of an experienced guide — and with the right tools — you can overcome obstacles and create a joyful, rewarding partnership.Katrina’s lifework is to help people succeed in building great relationships. She would be delighted to help you to learn new, powerful and effective tools to share the kind of love you really want to experience with a life partner.

Appointments by Phone or Skype

Sessions are 60 minutes. Extended sessions longer than one hour are also available by phone or Skype. Sessions are appropriate for couples or individuals. Contact us about setting up an appointment by filling out the form below.

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Brief Relationship Goals
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 Get Coaching Sessions in Person

Katrina strongly recommends extended length sessions for in person work. She offers both hour long sessions and a more intensive couples retreat format, it has become clear that the typical hour session length is partly why traditional couples therapy has been found so ineffective.

If you are seeking in person couples coaching, marriage coaching or relationship coaching, it is advantageous to consider the depth of results that comes from sessions that last longer than the traditional hour length.

Extended Length Sessions are often asked for by people who live in or will visit the Sacramento  Modesto, Stockton, Lodi area. Couples counseling, marriage counseling and relationship counseling sessions take place in the town of Morada — a short drive from most areas near San Joaquin County.

 Use the Contact us form above  for more information about in person sessions.


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